Fermoy Estate of Margaret River, Western Australia
The Fermoy Estate was founded in 1985 by Micheal Kelly together with a few partners. They bought 28 hectares of rolling hills in the fertile and ancient soils of Willyabrup Valley. This small valley, in the heart of the Margaret River, is now regarded as some of the best vineyard land in Australia. Michael runs the vineyard and winery with the bare minimum of intervention. The vines are unirrigated once they are established, and all vineyard work is done by hand. Michael would rather that his wines reflect their vineyard origins than the winemaker’s artifice. Fermoy wines have almost cult status in Sydney’s finest restaurants, where Neil Perry of Rockpool Restaurants considers Micheal Kelly to be one of Australia’s best winemakers.

The wines on our list are the Fermoy Estate Chardonnay, the Fermoy Estate Semillon, the John Anderson Chardonnay, the John Anderson Semillon, the John Anderson Cabernet Merlot and the John Anderson Shiraz.

Aldridge Estate, New South Wales
The Aldridge Estate was launched in the early 90’s as a range of classic Australian blends and varieties. Much of the fruit, in particular the Semillon, comes from the Riverina region, which is still farmed by decendants of the Italian settlers who arrived after the first and second world wars. Riverina is Australia’s second largest grape-growing region, but the more astute producers are reducing yields and concentrating on primary fruit flavours.

We offer the Aldridge Estate Semillon-Chardonnay and the Aldridge Estate Chardonnay.

Oxford Landing, South Australia
Our distribution arrangement with Oxford Landing has proved to be very successful, as they are producing a range of table wines with each variety showing the unique characteristics of the particular grape variety. Their range covers Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz, and Shiraz. All of the wines are greatly recommended. The Oxford Landing vineyard is located close to the Murray River region of South Australia. Oxford Landing’s philosophy is simple, to create wines with optimal varietal character and flavour. This begins with the care and attention devoted to the family’s 650 acre vineyard – it’s managed and nurtured as 130 separate 5-acre blocks, where the focus is on individual block conditions.

Seppelt’s Great Western Brut
The House of Seppelt has been a leader in Australian wine-making and a force driving the Australian wine industry forward, new wine regions, better quality wines and a spirit of innovation has always been a Seppelt way. Seppelt’s wine-making philosophy focuses on producing exceptional wines, synonymous with quality, refined and elegant in style. Their Great Western Brut sparkling wine fulfils their philosophical aims.